In ECHO, a short film written and directed by Victor Perez

In ECHO, a short film written and directed by Victor Perez, a girl wakes up in the middle of nowhere to see in a mirror her reflection ten seconds ahead of her time. When she wakes up again the nightmare has just started over. Perez, who teaches courses here at fxphd, supervised the visual effects team (located in mor... Leia Mais

Flame 2018.3 ships: now available on VPN

The team in Montreal has been busy, as the new Flame 2018.3 release brings a host of new features to the software. Here’s a quick list of the new additions, followed by video overviews of the new features. . Action Selectives: Allows you to create 2D isolations on surfaces or in cameras, and then create an isolati... Leia Mais

Blackmagic Design Fusion 8.2 review

Fusion has been around a long time but it seems that it has been flying under the radar for the past few years. The software began as an in-house project at Sydney-based NYPD in 1987. Eyeon Software was formed to commercialize it and started selling it with the name Digital Fusion in 1996, and now it resides under the ... Leia Mais

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